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Letting off STEAM

We live in a curious world, and I’ve been exploring it at levels from macro to micro; in laboratories and distant, tropical islands; in books, museums and “the field.” These days, I am most fascinated by systems- the hierarchies we build at work, school and home; the environmental systems in remote ‘pristine’ locations, in our offices, in our backyards; and increasingly the mental systems that guide our society, our families and our own progress through life. This site is an expression of some of these interests. Check out my Blog while you are here. I also post related curiosities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the under-appreciated Google+. Links are at the bottom of this page. If you are still curious, sign up for my newsletter- a concise collection of worthwhile content that will feed your curiosity as it does mine- lets start the conversation.

  • glowThe Spark Within
    I’m fascinated about how our environment – physical, biological, mental) affects how well we perform. Read my thoughts on what it takes to light and nurture the spark of high performance. Read the Blog.
  • UF4326_1_AScience
    Understanding the world we live in and sharing what I’ve learned so others can start their own explorations. Have a look at some of the work I’ve done on my Research Page.
  • Kumulus TechnologiesTechnology Education
    I work with Kumulus Technologies building the next generation of technology learning platform. You can read about our approach on the Five Minutes of Cloud blog or go to the main site here.