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Thanks for stopping by. Below are the three main things I feature on this website. Technology, Bio/ecology, and Performance. If these intrigue you, click on the links below, but also sign up for the newsletter with the link above to get access to my performance enhancing daily planner.
  • Asphaltography_63I now work in the world of cloud technology and the IOT, have a look at my work at Kumulus Technologies, where I am building the next generation of tech learning platforms.
  • UF4326_1_AI have spent decades studying marine biodiversity and how people affect it, primarily on tropical coral reefs. Have a look at some of the work I’ve done on my Research Page.
  • Asphaltography_63An outgrowth of interests the prior two topics, I’ve been learning about how our environment – physical, biological, mental) effects how well we perform. Read the Blog.

Tech, Bio, Performance

These are three of my favorite things.

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