Thanks for stopping by. I’m really focused on making the world a better place these days. For my family, for my local community, and for the community that is living and will live on this planet. If I am able to discover, experience, and share some of the wonder that this world holds, all the better.

I am also an ‘environmentalist’ in that I recognize the world we live in as not just life support, but the source of things that keep us healthy and happy or cause great misery. A healthy environment in the home, work, and community is critical not just to personal, but societal well-being. I am very intrigued by the Onehealth initiative a some of the corollaries that derive from this approach to environmental wellness.

As a long-time student and educator, critical thinking, application of the scientific method, and appropriate use of statistics are of great importance to me and, I think, to an informed, competent public. To that end, I am passionate about science communication, citizen science, and growing basic analytical competencies with anyone whom I can interest.

Continuing with a holistic/integrative theme, I consider the potential renaissance-like implication of STEAM education of great interest. I have long enjoyed participating in both technical/scientific and artistic endeavors and broadly support the value of integrating artistic sensibilities with the technical. Further, integrating the humanities beyond art/design to consider themes such as effective storytelling, social psychology, and building habits is, I think, the next step in the integration of scientific inquiry and application to the wonders of discovery.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for your continued interest. This is, I hope a broad bush, a fundamental view of where my interests and sensibilities lie. If you are truly curious about my background in science and technology, connect with me on Linked In, on Twitter, or sign up for my weekly newsletter, below. Let’s stay in touch!

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