I assume you have already seen some of my posts on the home page, but wait, there’s more. Here are a few places I’ve spent time sharing knowledge and opinions.

Maui Times

I started writing for Maui Times as an independent environmental and sustainability correspondent in 2022. I’m looking forward to contributing to both residents’ and visitors’ understanding of how the environment affects our work, play, and survival.

When Green Jobs are Blue Jobs (April 2023)

Maui’s Marine Protected Areas (March 2023)

Our Overlooked Coastal Protectors (November 2022) Reefs, beaches, and dunes.

The Return of Sharktober (October 2022)

Toxoplasma: ‘The Cat Parasite” (September 2022)

Limu: The good, the bad and the tasty. (May 2022)

The rising tide of microplastic pollution on land and sea (March 2022)

Nonpoint source pollution threatens environment and health (February 2022)


Mostly covering topics on education and self-improvement. My posts on can be read here.


I’ve not been posting much here of late, but my posts have now exceeded 1,000,000 views. (Thank you, readers.) I was privileged to have Forbes and Apple News syndicate my post on technology and coral reefs here. This along with my other posts on Quora can be read here.