Category: Citizen Science

  • Why you Should Continue Your #scicomm Efforts – Despite the Ridicule.

    If you follow twitter #scicomm tag on twitter you will be exposed to a lot of angst about “should I or shouldn’t I.” Apparently scientific communication (let’s just call it scicomm for brevity) efforts are ridiculed by more “serious” peers and thought of as tangential or irrelevant to achieving success in science. I would consider […]

  • Why Citizen Science Matters

    Years ago, in the far western Pacific Ocean, I was working to understand the condition of coral reefs. Some areas were coral rich, had abundant colorful fish and would on occasion treat you to a sighting of a rocketing shark, bumbling sea turtle, or giant, turquoise Napoleon wrasse. Other areas were murky, covered with a […]

  • Reclaim Your Inner Scientist

    If you think Science is something done by a guy that looks like Albert Einstein in a lab coat, scratch that and look in a mirror. You were born and still are a scientist. Each of us is born with an innate ability to apply the scientific method. While we can argue nature versus nurture […]