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  • Why you Should Continue Your #scicomm Efforts – Despite the Ridicule.

    If you follow twitter #scicomm tag on twitter you will be exposed to a lot of angst about “should I or shouldn’t I.” Apparently scientific communication (let’s just call it scicomm for brevity) efforts are ridiculed by more “serious” peers and thought of as tangential or irrelevant to achieving success in science. I would consider […]

  • Why Citizen Science Matters

    Years ago, in the far western Pacific Ocean, I was working to understand the condition of coral reefs. Some areas were coral rich, had abundant colorful fish and would on occasion treat you to a sighting of a rocketing shark, bumbling sea turtle, or giant, turquoise Napoleon wrasse. Other areas were murky, covered with a […]

  • Whats wrong with the one day training workshop?

    Medium’s The Higher Education Revolution just published my article on about this topic. I break down some of the short comings of intense training sessions and provide suggestions about how to improve the learning experience from the perspective of both students and teachers. Read the full post, just a five minute read, on Medium.

  • Overcome Hurdles to new Technology Adoption with On-Demand Training

    I just published an post on Medium about how to use technology and in particular on demand learning platforms- to enhance the speed and quality of new technology adoption in an organization. Often failure to either fully adopt or adopt a new technology or methodology lies initially in the process used to guide new users […]

  • Technology: the way Forward for Modern Education

    Modern Luddites aside, most of us have accepted that technology is not going to go away; it is replacing the old technology we grew up with. It surrounds us and is an accepted part of modern life. Anyone entering high school now will have difficulty remembering a world without computers, gps, fablets, wearables and other […]

  • Why how we Grade Students is Fundamentally Wrong.

    Video games build failure into the equation of success. It is part of the challenge and though it may not seem so, failure is carefully crafted into a game to make you realize that success is not being handed too you. Resetting is a low cost outcome, frustrating, but low cost and if the game […]